“Space Wars”: A Basketball Philosophy

In its most basic form, Basketball is a battle for space.

The offense wants to MAKE it, the defense wants to TAKE it.

Everything we do from a training and conceptual perspective is about the efficiency of space and time, always seeking a “1/2 second advantage”. Much can happen on a basketball court in 1/2 a second: release a shot, pass from point to wing, put-back tip in, deflection, shot fake, etc. At the end of the day, understanding specific details will result in advantages of space and time.

Offensive Details:

  • foot work

  • decision-making

  • 2 speeds

  • proper angles

  • communication

Defensive Details:

  • footwork

  • angles

  • bubble – distance between offensive and defensive player

  • communication

We make sure that EVERY technique or concept we teach is attached to a “why”, as it relates to gaining a space advantage.

Q: WHY do we use 1-2 Step shooting feet when attacking north/south?

In essence, as these split second advantages become habits, they collectively result in more efficient players and teams.

In closing, the question we ask ourselves before we implement any drill or concept is: How will this help us MAKE or TAKE more space?

“May the court be with you.”