Over hundreds of lives reached through these events.

CTG Speaking Events

Below are some video examples of CTG’s famous speaking events that we highly recommend you watch. Hundreds of lives have been reached through these events.

These speaking events can be centered around any of the CTG subsidiary companies. This includes basketball training, sports psychology, athlete nutrition, life coaching, mental health, and happiness.

The topics of the talk will be tailored to your desires. These speeches last 1 hour long. I would like to remind you that these speeches take many hours to prepare in advance. So don’t be misled that you are paying by the hour for the speaking event.

The link below will send you directly to the product itself. However, we recommend filling out the waitlist first to get in contact with Coach Jack! Learn more about this process below.


CTG wants to make it very clear that we do not do these speeches for any sort of financial gain. If finances are the reason preventing you from reaching out, PLEASE reach out. CTG does this for the lives it can touch, not for profit. 

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How The Process Works

Fill out the waitlist form below to save yourself a spot with a speaking event from Coach Jack.

Coach Jack has had many speaking events over the last year. This has included events in front of schools, teams, radios, and organizations.

Many families, teams, and schools have been reaching out to Coach Jack for speaking event interest recently. It has gotten to the point where a waitlist must be made!

Once you fill out the waitlist, Coach Jack will be in contact with you soon. He will then build a speaking event plan specific to your desires. Don’t leave this last minute, schedule a speaking event with Coach Jack today.

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