We design our training around three major principles:

1. Psychological Make Up (Mindset and Mental Training)
2. Physical Make Up (Basketball Skills and Basketball Athleticism)
3. Self Improvement Make Up (Life Coaching)

CTGHoops purpose is stated within our mission statement, “Highly Skilled on the Court. Better People off the Court.” We understand that basketball ends for all of us one day. So our mission as a company, is for our students to know who they are without the basketball. It’s not about what we accomplish in life… but who we become through the process.

In-Person Training Cancellation Policy

Please note that you can not make workout cancellations on the same day of a planned workout. You must let the trainers know ahead of time if you are going to be missing one of your weekly workouts. If you make a same day cancellation, it will count as a session completed.

3v3 Camp Refund Policy

We totally understand family occasions preventing kids from attending our camp. To receive a full refund on your camp purchase, you must let us know ONE WEEK prior to the camp event starting. This allows us enough time to organize all kids attending camp. If we have families bailing last minute, it will leave a lot of teams under the minimum of three. This affects everyone else that will be attending camp.

Establishing Workout Times

Once your order of packs have been received and recorded, the Head Trainer of your area will assign you to a CTG Trainer. Once you have been assigned to a trainer, you will be directed to their contact. Our CTG Trainer will then find a time that is most convenient for both parties. Plan on a consistent weekly schedule, with workouts generally happening once a week at the same time each week.

In-Person Training

In-Person Training allows you to choose between the options of Individual, Small Group, or Large Group training sessions. These sessions will be designed specifically for the purpose of developing skill to whatever your child needs most. There are NO organized games or events when it comes to In-Person Training.

If you are currently IN basketball season right now, In-Person Training is our highest recommendation.

3v3 Camp

Our famous CTG 3v3 Camps are a combination of both In-Person Training AND organized game play. This, in our opinion, is the best of both worlds. It gives your child the opportunity to not only build new skill, but also the ability to directly apply what is learned into a real game setting. The first half of the session is skill building, the second half is game play. The best part about this whole process? It's the perfect opportunity for your child to meet new friends, and build deeper relationships. It's unbelievable the amount of friendships our 3v3 Camp has grown.

If you are OUT of basketball season right now, our 3v3 Camp is our highest recommendation.

Statistics Behind Basketball Training *In the US*

  • The typical cost of individual instruction is $50-$150 for each session.
    • Our Price Janesville: $75
    • Our Price La Crosse: $60
  • On average, a small group of 2 to 4 children costs $30-$50 each session.
    • Our Price Janesville: $50
    • Our Price La Crosse: $45
  • And large group training of 5 to 8 kids costs $20-$40 a session on average.
    • Our Price Janesville: $35
    • Our Price La Crosse: $30

Our reputation and rapid growth over the last year is proof of the value of CTG. Our value goes beyond the court. It goes towards the classroom, at home, and so much more. You will never regret investing in Close The Gate Hoops.

Yearly Statistics of What Parents Spend on One Child ANNUALLY *In the US*

  • 4.8 percent spend less than $100
  • 19 percent spend around $100 to $499
  • 47 percent spend around $500 to $1999
  • 29 percent spend over $2000

Many families come in testing out CTG Hoops to see what all the hype is about. They realize the word of mouth to be true. Most families train with us all year round.

Referrals are the #1 To Get Our Training at an Extremely Affordable Price

CTG is now offering a refer-a-friend program. For every new CTG member that you bring in, you receive 50$! We are looking to grow the CTG family, we want your child’s friends and family to be apart of it.

For example:

If you sign your child up for small group sessions and want 3 of his friends to join him, you would be eligible to receive 150$! All you have to do is complete the refer-a-friend form to show proof of a new CTG member joining because of your referral.

Free New Member Workout

Don’t want to commit to a purchase without first test driving CTG? No problem!

We know CTG will be everything and more for what you are looking for. For any new members that have never been to CTG before, can try one free workout. This can only be used once and for new members only. If you have been to CTG before, this does not apply to you.

Team Workouts/ School Visits/ Weekend Camps

There have been many instances where coaches, schools, and families have reached out to us to come train in their city.

This is definitely something CTG would be interested in doing for you.

Please reach out to coachjack@ctghoops.com as soon as possible.

Shipping costs apply ONLY to physical products that we sell. We do NOT make you pay for shipping when it comes to In-Person Training or our 3v3 Camps. You are given selection options at checkout. Make sure that you are selecting the correct ones!