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Close the Gate hoops has been a great opportunity for my son to develop his passion for the game of basketball. The coaching staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging for any age. The instruction and coaching they provide is targeted and high-level based on the kids’ developmental level. My 6-yr. old is the youngest CTG player, and Coach Jack didn’t hesitate to take the chance on him. When I asked Jack about the opportunity for my son, he responded “I’ve never had a player that young, but let’s give it a shot!” This response embodies the mission and vision Jack has for all his players….chase failure. I so appreciate that Jack took that opportunity, because my son absolutely loves it and is growing each session. Thanks for all you do Coach Jack and the CTG coaching staff! If you haven’t considered it, I highly recommend CTG… you won’t be disappointed.

Shawn Kane / Google

Our family has been with CTG since the very beginning. When we first joined, five years ago, our main goal was to give our 6th grade son, at the time, more basketball experience that he was craving. Little did we realize that he would gain much more than basketball skills, but real life lessons that involved learning a good work ethic, self-reflection and teamwork. CTG has provided quality basketball training for our three sons starting with Tony and now with Jack. As a family we continue to be impressed with the level of skill development that is being taught with trainers that also consider character to be a crucial attribute, as well as, the innovative techniques that link basketball to everyday life. We would highly recommend CTG for serious basketball players that want to increase their competitive edge through elite basketball coaching.

Shannon Coombs / Google

Joining CTG is one of those decisions I look back on and acknowledge that my game, my body and my mind would not be the same without it. It has given me a sense of structure, balance and growth. CTG is so much more than basketball. Walking into my first session, I truly did not know how much of an impact Jack would have on my life. I learn something new from him every single session, and apply it immediately. Beyond grateful for the CTG experience.

Ava Brandy / Google

Close the Gate has been a wonderful experience for our son. Coach Jack and Coach Aaron get into the details of the skills. But it is not just the amazing coaching, it’s the life lessons that CTG provides. Making every day count, working hard at everything you do, and being a good person… these are the lessons they teach everyday in motivational emails, social media posts and podcasts. It is truly inspiring. We couldn’t ask for a better role mode for our son! Keep up the amazing work!!.

Becky Backhaus / Google

Close The Gate Hoops has been great! Not only is the program about teaching techniques/skills, but also the mental aspect of the game. In addition to the coach’s deep knowledge of the sport, they are also great role models for the kids. We would definitely recommend the program!

Sunny Bowditch / Google

We love Close The Gate.Our two boys have gone to close the gate for a number of years.They do an amazing job of teaching kids all of the skills needed to be a basketball player.Coach Jack and Coach Aaron are the best.They do a great job of teaching kids basketball and life skills!

Ben Nickols / Google

Close the Gate hoops is by far the best place that has trained me for basketball. Compared to other places this has prepared me the most for basketball and life. All of the CTG coaches are very professional and know exactly what they are doing. Overall a great place for anyone to enjoy playing basketball and make you the best person you can be.

Keagen Clark / Google

Close the gate has taught me so much that I never knew before. It is a great way to improve your skills and become an overall better player. I would definitely recommend trying it out sometime!

Lily Campbell / Google

Jack and Aaron have been wonderful in the development of our 11 year old. We have been enrolled for over a year now and its the favorite part of his week. We highly recommend for all youth no matter the talent level.

Ryan Roth / Google

Close the gate’s podcast Off the Court has inspired me to be a better version of myself each day. I don’t even play basketball and CTG is still making an impact on my life.

Erin Schoen / Google

CTG Hoops is great! Love how dedicated the trainers are to helping their students. Hands down best place to learn basketball and they will definitely make you a better player and person!

Jacob Lynch / Google

My 11 year old just finished up 6 weeks at CTG. He learned so much about improving his shot,foot work,defense!The positive environment that Jack has provided may be the most important part.I saw my sons enthusiasm and attitude change for the better.Thank you for caring so much about these kids/athletes.

Maggie Wohlfert / Google

Out of all the things we have done. This has been the most resourceful,positiveand rewarding . I absolutely love the positive vibes here. It has definitely stuck with us on and off the court.

Sherry Straw / Google

My son started with Coach Jack and Aaron in January. Since then I feel he has found the joy in basketball again. I am looking forward to see where this takes him.

Darcy McCoy / Google

I have been doing Close the Gate for a while now, and I feel it has improved my game to a whole new level. The environment it great and it’s always a fun time and a great workout..

Jackson Bertagnoli / Google

Close the gate has really made me a better player on and off the basketball court. I’ve been there for awhile and all i’ve seen is improvements, it’s really a great place to send anyone who was to pursue basketball.

Kyle Chrostowski / Google
Five stars. They provide all the important steps and information to become a better basketball player individually and as a team player!
Jackson Lamson / Google
Five stars. They provide all the important steps and information to become a better basketball player individually and as a team player!
Jackson Lamson / Google

CTG hoops is a great place to further your basketball skills at any age. All of the coaches are highly skilled players and know how to make you better as a player and as a person. I recommend the training sessions and the youtube videos @Close The Gate Hoops

Wisconsin Heat / Google

My son has learned more from the summer basketball camp than he has at any other program. They not only teach him the skills for on the court, but also really important life skills. He has been so motivated to get out and practice every day. I highly recommend this program for any skill level. The coaches should be very proud of themselves.

Chelsea Shana / Google

CTG Hoops is a top notch organization. The staff is respectful, organized, and hardworking to help youth that want to work and get better at the game of basketball. They also go above and beyond to teach life lessons. The basketball community is lucky to have CTG Hoops as a resource!

Rebecca Lund / Google

Close The Gate has been great for my daughter learning about basketball. With no prior experience the training got her up to speed quick and has quickly grown to enjoy the game. Not only will this camp teach basketball skills, Jack has also made it a point to be a better person in whatever you do – highly recommend to anyone either highly skilled or just beginning.

Matt Braun / Google
CTG hoops is a fantastic camp for those just starting or looking to take their experience to the next level. You can tell all the kids have a great time learning the game while they are there.
Alexis Hilden / Google
Close The Gate Hoops is a wonderful local organization to help develop youth both in the game of basketball and in every day mind-set and personal growth. The coaches interact great with the kids and make their trainings fun yet challenging. I have two sons who train with Coach Jack and Coach Aaron and they have learned valuable basketball skills to contribute as a player and teammate. Highly recommend Close The Gate Hoops!!!
Regina Holmberg / Google
Close The Gate Hoops is a program that allows the player to focus on individual goals as well as team growth.

To have a group of coaches that mentor on and off the court has been an amazing experience and we highly recommend this program to all ages.

Our son has been a part of CTG program since originating and to watch the continuing of what Tony created filter down through his son and the coaches that he trained has been incredible experience!

Donna Johnson / Google
Our family has only positive comments to share about Close the Gate! Our favorite things…….
1. All athletes are welcome, encouraged, and accepted no matter if they are a true beginner or a student with lots of experience.
2. Coach Jack and staff are kind, calm, and enthusiastic in the way they teach, prepare, and practice.
3. Students are not only taught basketball skills but they are also taught mindset, teamwork, positivity, grit, perseverance, and goal setting!
4. My child becomes smarter, stronger, and happier with each session he attends…….and they help my busy guy run off his endless energy!
I highly recommend Close the Gate!
Donna Johnson / Google
Fantastic program! The coaches’ knowledge and passion is clear in the work they do with the young people involved in the program.
Bri Awood / Google
Such a great program run by great people! I love what their program stands for.
Beth Harwick / Google
This place has really helped me with my basketball skills, and my life skills. I have truly learned a lot from Jack and the guys at CTG. I would highly recommend sending your kids here because they will learn a lot about the game of basketball and a lot about life.
Aiden Crane / Google
CTG Hoops is an amazing basketball training business. I follow them on both their Instagram and Basketball accounts. I love their content and I learn so many things, that I have been able to use and out into my game. By following then and watching their content I’ve been able to get better at the game I love!
Gaby Yocum / Google
I enjoy the 3v3 tournaments and the trainers such as coach jack that push you to be the best you can be! I have learned how to correct my shot and believe in my shot.
Alex Currie / Google
My boys have been training at CTG since 2013. They have learned so much from Tony and now Jack! Jack, Aaron and Connor are amazing with the kids. Jack is honest with them and takes them to the next level in their basketball development. Jack’s perspective on life and achieving goals is exactly what kids need to hear! If you’re looking to take your kids basketball skills to the next level this is the place to do it!
Mary Crane / Google
I love CTG the coaches are amazing people and they really help me out with basketball! the podcast is really expiring and you should definitely listen to it even if your not a basketball player!!!
Jayden Pozzani / Google
I only have positive things to say about ctg! I have been going to ctg for 4-5+ years and loved every part of it! When I train with ctg, that’s the one thing I look forward to in each week! I have grown not only as a basketball player but as an individual person thanks to ctg! I truly don’t know what I would do without this amazing organization!
Camryn Czerwinski / Google
I cannot say enough good things about CTG Hoops! Our son has been training with CTG for years and has developed a great skill set. His travel basketball coach asked me where he trains because he said he has a smoothness to his game that isn’t seen in kids his age. CTG is where it’s at! They not only focus on basketball but character development on and off the court. CTG has helped our son become a more confident player and person. If you want your child to have fun, learn a lot and become a better player then sign them up right now.
Dana Wixom / Google
We are new to CTG and have been so incredibly happy with the training our son has been receiving. Coach Carson has been amazing and patient and we have been very impressed with the growth our son has had in such a short time. He just turned 8 and has only recently started having an interest in the game. We decided that joining CTG would be a great way to help him learn correct fundamentals right from the start. Not only is he getting that but his love for the game has grown so much since starting with CTG. He looks forward to his training days and is always asking when he gets to go again!! Whether your child is new to the game or is an experienced player looking to grow in the their, CTG is where they need to be!!
Tonya Harnack / Google
The coaches at CTG are knowledgeable, professional, and most of all, engaging! My son looks forward to working hard and getting better every session, and can’t wait to get back to it the second he leaves the court.
Patrick Abrahamson / Google