Default Mode of the Universe

“Being efficient without regard to effectiveness is the default mode of the universe.”


Some people find themselves unsatisfied with their life because their career path doesn’t serve a significant purpose or have much effect on other people.


That’s one of the reasons we saw CTG training as such a golden opportunity. Everybody wants to train pros. Be the next big trainer. Not many see the golden connection between life coaching and the game of basketball. Yes, some coaches talk about these with their students, but it’s never normally the focus. Intention eventually shows its true colors.


Basketball truly shapes lives. Helping kids to become their best selves for later on in their life is our number one priority. We love saying that our CTG productivity notebook is the most important aspect out of all of our training.


Most coaches punish kids for messing up. We should actually reward them for failing. Failing increases our opportunity for growth. Benefits from this type of methodology pay a bigger dividend in the long run in my opinion. Some coaches may disagree with this which is totally okay. We are here to plant seeds and help people try to think from other points of view.


I personally have never met a player or person who plays better when they are under the influence of fear. This comes from my own personal experience. “Is the coach mad at me? Is the coach going to yell at me? Is the coach going to take me out? I wonder what the coach is thinking.” 


What purpose are we serving by making kids scared?


Ask yourself gatekeepers, is what you’re doing each day serving a purpose that actually means something? Is what you’re doing effective? Are you making others around you better? Or are you actually making them worse? This goes right back to episode 1 of Off the Court, where we talked about the concept of why we are here on this earth.


Again, we post these motivational quotes to plant seeds. They’re never meant to completely change what you believe in. You should always be open to learning and seeing two sides to each coin.


-Coach Jack