CTG is releasing an all new subsidiary company, “CTG Grown Ups.” CTG Grown Ups will be focused around organizing premiere adult sporting events ranging anywhere from basketball to volleyball and more in the near future. For now, we are starting with adult men’s basketball leagues ages 18 and up. There will be two men’s leagues hosted within these events:

  1. Ages 35 and under
  2. Ages 35 and up

No more Men’s leagues with subpar refs and no cause for the team to fight for. CTG is ready to give you parents a premium experience within playing the sport you love. With real refs and real causes to fight for. The winners of our CTG Grown Up leagues/events will win a giant cash prize. (With a big check to make it look cooler) This check will be donated to any non profit organization that the team wishes to donate to. More sports will be added as CTG continues to grow.

Below is the sign up for our waitlist. This form is simply to show us if you are interested in joining our premium men’s league. If we get enough interest, then we will be able to run the league! This takes less than 30 seconds to fill out. Filling out this form simply lets us know you are interested. That’s it. No commitment. No stress.

Over 300+ 5 star reviews. Over $7,200 in cash prizes if we get to 96 participants. We plan on releasing the product on July 29th, 2023. Games would start September 9th, 2023. This will not happen however if we don’t get enough interest.

So please send this link to anyone you think would be interested. This form does not mean you are committing to us, it simply lets us know about the interest from the public. 

If interested click this - No commitment or stress

Getting Started

Our Men’s basketball league will already be starting on September 9th. So hurry up and start signing the waitlist form, telling your friends, and making teams.

This will be a similar set up to our famous 3v3 basketball camp. It will not be 5 on 5, giving all participants more reps and more fun.

Our CTG men’s league will be hosted at our beloved 3v3 location: St. Pats (Janesville, Wisconsin). This means that we will have lots of seating and stands. So you can make a fun family day with the kids coming to watch their Dad play. Instead of the other way around!

Who’s eligible to enter?

Anyone out of college or above the age of 18. (Some exceptions are definitely worth asking us for) We do this to make the league as fair and competitive as possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions


Below are the 8 dates for our upcoming CTG Grown Ups Men’s Basketball League: (All are Saturdays for adults that have full-time jobs)

The time range for this event will likely be 6 hours if we get 96 members to participate. Adults would be at the gym for 2 hours at a time.

September 9th
September 16th
September 23rd
September 30th
October 7th
October 14th
October 21st
October 28th


$1200 per team ($300 each for 4 man team, $240 each for 5 man team, $200 each for 6 man team)

$12.50 – $18.75/ per hour per person

Remember, your payment also counts as a donation even if your team doesn’t win. The more it is to enter the Men’s league, the bigger the cash prizes will be at the end. However, if finances prevent you from participating, always reach out. That’s definitely the last reason CTG wants to deter you from trying us out.

If interested click this - No commitment or stress Please contact us if you have any questions



  • 3 on 3 half court. Same set up as our famous 3v3 basketball league.
  • 4 adults minimum per team (sub 2 times a quarter or team preference)
  • 6 minute quarters. 4 quarters per game. 1 halftime. 24 total minutes of playing per game.
  • 4 games will be played per hour in the gym. Your team would participate in one of those games each hour.
  • Each Saturday you will get a total amount of 2 games played. 1 game on, and 1 game off each hour. (Giving the old heads a good enough break) So most adults will likely be at St. Pats for a maximum of 2 hours. (Plenty of time for your kids to start a student section for you) This also makes our league very worth it to some out of town adults. You can make it a family trip to come watch Dad play!
  • Depending on the age range difference, we may separate leagues into separate ages. (So don’t get too worried old heads)
  • On the last day of our Men’s league we will host PLAYOFFS. In this instance on October 28th, all participants of the camp will be spending the day at St. Pats. This will create a very exciting environment and tons of fans to wait and see who gets the big cash prizes to donate to their charities of their choosing.


Extra things we can make fun especially when your kids are watching:

    • Possible post game interviews. (Depending on what you vote on in the waitlist)
    • Possible all star game set up in the fourth quarter so there is always a buzzer beater. (Depending on what you vote on in the waitlist)
    • All star game on playoff day voted on by participants themselves along with awards given at the end of camp besides champions.


Cash Prizes
12 Adult Teams in EACH league: (This means 2 sets of these cash prizes will be handed out)
With 96 members or 24 teams over $7,200 would be donated to charity! Again, these are estimates. Cash prizes depend on participant numbers.

35 and under league

1st Place: $2,400 donated to organization of your team’s choice

2nd Place: $800 donated to organization of your team’s choice

3rd Place: $400 donated to organization of your team’s choice

35 and up league

1st Place: $2,400 donated to organization of your team’s choice

2nd Place: $800 donated to organization of your team’s choice

3rd Place: $400 donated to organization of your team’s choice