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The primary purpose of our all-new CTG App will revolve around enhancing the in-person training experience for our students. We want parents to know how much value CTG actually offers. It goes FAR beyond the one hour a week spent on the court with our trainers.

This app will now be a requirement for any students currently participating in the in-person training. Similar to a Costco membership, you have to use the app to be eligible to train. We want players, parents, and families invested in their growth. We don't want students not willing to go all in. Instead of increasing the training prices with increasing demand, we are choosing a small monthly fee for app participation. This is what allows CTG to offer an app like this in the first place.

Please fill out the waitlist form below so you don't get stuck on the waitlist and miss out on all the benefits of our all-new universal CTG app. Yes... all of our subsidiary companies will run through this app. Truly an all-in-one experience. 🙂

CTG will also officially be launching many new online programs within this app. This is another way the app can be used even if you are not currently participating in the in-person training. We want to influence as many lives as possible. This allows us to reach more families than just the ones located in Janesville and La Crosse Wisconsin. Separate CTG Online Training Programs for Sale in the Future:

  • Youth Foundations Course (Basketball program specifically designed on improving youth basketball players)
  • Variable Training Course (Basketball program specifically designed for elite players to get game results faster)
  • Mastering the Inner Game (Mental training program built to help you master the mind while performing in any sport)
  • Happiness Baseline Program (Self-improvement program showing you how to be happier no matter the external circumstances)
  • Bedroom Basketball: No Weight Room Athletics (Building athleticsm without any fancy equipment)
  • Basketball Player Nutrition (Teaching nutrition specifically designed for basketball players)

Please reach out with which option interests you the most. This will go into consideration which will take a bigger priority when it comes to filming. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

All Benefits of CTG's App

  1. True value far beyond the one hour of court time. You're now not just paying for per-hour service. You are paying for service available to you 24/7.
  2. Over 100 resources of videos and lessons on how the child can train themselves better outside of training along with how the parent can as well.
  3. All 4 current paid CTG programs are on the app for absolutely free. Over $200 in value. You will always have access to these.
  4. Constant communication with coaches along with clip art feedback responses. Any skill videos can be sent to coaches with immediate feedback breakdown drawn on the videos submitted.
  5. Access to form feedback responses allows you to have a direct influence in sculpting CTG's in-person training, along with the app. Allowing you great power in your child's experience with CTG.
Just like how our CTG Notebook enhances our students' growth, the app will be the exact same concept. This is why CTG has a reputation in the first place: The quality of growth it can offer its students in all areas.

Watch this video for a full explanation of how to download our CTG app!

Why the App

  1. Think of it like a Costco membership. It's a requirement of the training. Making CTG attract only the ones who truly want to grow.
  2. Instead of increasing pricing for in-person training, we decided to go with a small monthly fee. Increasing the experience of CTG tenfold, while still making it affordable to the customer.

Watch this video for a full breakdown of why we chose the app!

You can certainly get the app without being a part of in-person training. We actually strongly encourage it. You would have all of the same off-the-court benefits as our students with the app. Including constant coach communication and clip art feedback. These clip art feedbacks are breakdowns of skill videos you send to coaches through your inbox.

Why is this Required?

CTG will now attract only the ones who truly want to grow. We know how valuable pairing the app with off-the-court training will be. It will encourage unrequired work - which is the most important work when attempting to grow. Instead of increasing pricing for in-person training, we decided to go with a small monthly fee. Increasing the experience of CTG tenfold, while still making it affordable to the customer.

If you do not have an Apple device, do not panic. This app will eventually be on the Android App store. However, for the time being, you will access the app through whatever web browser you use. To create the app on your smartphone's home screen, simply bookmark it to that spot. The view on your browser once you are logged in will be the same as if it were the app itself. If you have specific questions on this, please contact coachjack@ctghoops.com.

If you purchased in-person training before the app was launched, the membership is then optional until you renew your packs. Then, the CTG app will be a requirement of training.

If you are a parent with multiple kids you do not need to buy multiple app memberships. Only one membership per family is needed. Watch the video below to learn how to get your child and yourself on the app without paying twice!


Reviews for our all-new CTG app will be extremely helpful to us. Please leave a review on the apple app store after searching, "CTG Hoops" within the store. Then, scroll to the bottom of our app after clicking it on the app store. There will then be an option to leave a review. This will not only help CTG, but you will also have a direct influence on lives - helping more people find CTG.

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