“Space Wars”: A Basketball Philosophy

In its most basic form, Basketball is a battle for space.

The offense wants to MAKE it, the defense wants to TAKE it.

Everything we do from a training and conceptual perspective is about the efficiency of space and time, always seeking a “1/2 second advantage”. Much can happen on a basketball court in 1/2 a second: release a shot, pass from point to wing, put-back tip in, deflection, shot fake, etc. At the end of the day, understanding specific details will result in advantages of space and time.

Offensive Details:

  • foot work

  • decision-making

  • 2 speeds

  • proper angles

  • communication

Defensive Details:

  • footwork

  • angles

  • bubble – distance between offensive and defensive player

  • communication

We make sure that EVERY technique or concept we teach is attached to a “why”, as it relates to gaining a space advantage.

Q: WHY do we use 1-2 Step shooting feet when attacking north/south?

A: (Watch Video Explanation)

In essence, as these split second advantages become habits, they collectively result in more efficient players and teams.

In closing, the question we ask ourselves before we implement any drill or concept is: How will this help us MAKE or TAKE more space?

“May the court be with you.”

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