Send in a video of your basketball shot. You then will have one call with Coach Jack to analyze and break down your basketball shot. Changing a shot can be one of the hardest things to do in basketball. CTG believes individuals are mainly necessary for shot correction or change. Now, you can get your own CTG individual workout from home! Form correction and drills are given to you specifically on how to fix YOUR shot. You will have constant communication with Coach Jack through this whole process. Take advantage of our now individual workouts that can be done online! Any current in-person training CTG student is eligible for 50% OFF this product. Use the promo code: CURRENTSTUDENT. This only applies to kids that are CURRENTLY training with CTG.

“Shot correction and muscle memory change is one of the hardest things to do in all of basketball. Not only is it extremely difficult on you physically, it can be extremely frustrating mentally as well. Having a mentor through the process is very important, and is what helped me get through the shooting struggles I had as a basketball player. I believe this new product will be an awesome opportunity for any basketball player/ parent serious about improving their game. CTG, along with me personally, have helped the majority of our 250 kid student list in making muscle memory changes. Ask our previous students and parents how it turned out… it gave the kids a hole new world of opportunities. Shooting is truly the most important skill in basketball.” – Coach Jack

CTG Virtual Shooting Analysis


Directions: Please send in your shot video in the highest quality possible from three different angles and two different speeds.

  • Angles
    1. Front
    2. Dominant Hand Side
    3. Behind
  • Speeds
    1. Normal
    2. Slo-Motion
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