Top 5 Best Basketball Training Equipment

Top 5 Best Basketball Training Equipment

Basketball Training equipment is not a necessary component of improving as a basketball player.

At the end of the day, the only thing between you and your dreams, is the work. Work ethic is the most important aspect when trying to improve your basketball game.

But… we all know at Close The Gate that the speed of our growth does matter. It is important to know that it is possible to get better faster than others. Basketball training equipment when used correctly can definitely help us improve as a basketball player faster.

To maximize the speed of your growth, you need to use smart AND hard work. Your potential can be reached when you use both of these at the SAME time.

There are hundreds of options to choose from when looking for basketball training equipment. As a basketball trainer, I can help you narrow it down to the most important ones. If you are looking to improve your basketball game faster, use these five options below.

There are however, many more options to choose from than just these 5 training tools. Make sure you check out CTG Hoop’s top Amazon picks for basketball training equipment. They are the exact products we use to make our students better every single day!

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Top 5 Best Basketball Training Tools

  1. HomeCourt
  2. MXLT Skill Mat
  3. D-Slide
  4. Heavy Ball
  5. Dr. Dish

#1 Basketball Training Equipment: HomeCourt

HomeCourt is the number one basketball training option for a reason. Best of all?

It’s completely FREE.

HomeCourt is an app on the App Store that allows you to track your shooting workouts in ways you never thought possible.

Some of these HomeCourt features include:

  • tracking makes and misses
  • tracking arc
  • tracking vertical
  • tracking where you are shooting
  • audio feedback during your workout
  • ect.

There are of course, ways to upgrade your experience through paid versions as well.

We have a video on YouTube that goes in more depth on how HomeCourt actually works. Click the link below.

Start tracking all your workouts today using HomeCourt!

homecourt basketball training equipment

#2 Basketball Training Equipment: MXLT Skill Mat

The MXLT skill mat is something CTG has been training with for a long time.

It makes teaching footwork and movements much more simple, especially towards youth basketball.

It allows no confusion on where to put your feet. Having spacial awareness and proprioception of where our body is is extremely important for any type of athlete.

We have hundreds of drills recorded on our tik tok on how to use these mats to it’s full potential. Just follow any of our social media pages, @ctghoops.

Our @ctghoops tik tok has over 47 thousand followers.

If you are interested in this skill mat, we do have a partnership with Impossible Training as an affiliate. Use this link below to get your mat for 10% off it’s normal price! 

skill mat basketball training equipment

#3 Basketball Training Equipment: D- Slide

Looking to become a lockdown defender? First, make sure you check out our extremely detailed blog covering on-ball defense: 5 Steps to Become a Lockdown On Ball Defender for Basketball Defense.

My favorite tool to become a lockdown defender? Without question, it’s the D-Slide.

Having your feet click is a crucial error that most players have when playing defense. The D-Slide prevents this error from happening.

Not only does it prevent our feet from coming together, it also allows resistance to grow your power output when sliding to cut off an offensive player.

This is definitely one of the smartest basketball training tools ever invented. I strongly recommend this to improve your defense.

d-slide basketball training equipment

#4 Basketball Training Equipment: Heavy Ball

There is speculation all over the basketball training world if the heavy ball is actually helping basketball players and their ability to dribble.

From personal experience, when used right, the heavy ball is definitely a useful basketball training tool.

The main purpose and only purpose you should be using the heavy ball for, is the speed and ball control of your dribble.

I have definitely seen a huge difference in explosive dribbles after using the heavy ball. It makes our normal dribble effortless, which is exactly what we want.

Use the exact heavy ball CTG uses to train its players by clicking this link: CTG’s Heavy Ball.

heavy ball basketball training equipment

#5 Basketball Training Equipment: Dr. Dish

This is by far the most efficient basketball training tool of all time. However, it is the most expensive, which is why it is last on our list.

The Dr. Dish allows you to get x2 x3 maybe even up to x4 times your shots that you would normally take in an hour without it.

From a training perspective, this is HUGE. Efficiency is what allows us to get better faster as we talked about above.

Although, you have to make sure you are still getting in GAME SPEED reps when using the shooting gun. Many players fall into the trap of only caring about the amount of shots being put up. That means nothing if it’s not the same type of rep you’d get in a game.

dr dish basketball training equipment


Make sure you check out our other blog on how to become an elite shooter, the most important skill in basketball: 5 Steps to Perfect Shooting Form in Basketball.

I also strongly encourage you to check out our basketball training podcast: Off the Court. This can be found on ALL listening platforms! The podcast has over 5,000 downloads. It is also the #1 basketball podcast in Argentina according to PodStatus.

Lastly, we have a completely free ebook: How to Unlock the Mental Side of the Game. Mental is to physical as 4 is to 1. It’s extremely important that we do not overlook this for our basketball game.

-Coach Jack