booking your training session

You have the option of booking your training sessions here through our BookMe scheduler. You also have a second option of buying training packs instead. We love both options, but we recommend purchasing training packs, being the best option of the two. This allows for training to be much cheaper and more consistent. The main purpose of our new BookMe scheduler was to give parents an idea of what times CTG is training.  The scheduler below allows you to see what times, ages, group sizes, and what trainer is available. Right now, during basketball season, Janesville training is only on Sundays. La Crosse Training currently is much more flexible with timing and dates. That is why they are not on this training scheduler yet. Contact us ASAP or buy training packs in La Crosse to come train with us. If there ever is a time and age group that does NOT works for you, always contact us. 

purchase training packs for janesville purchase training packs for La Crosse