Welcome to the CTG Family!

*Make sure to record your shot prior to starting this shooting academy. This will create a great opportunity for before and after videos.*

Meet the Coach


Welcome to the CTG family. My name is Coach Jack or Jack Huml. I have been a basketball trainer for over four years now.  I had the privilege of learning my craft from the best of the best, my dad, Tony Huml.  After losing him to cancer in August 2020, I took over his dream business Close the Gate Hoops. He taught me not only how to become an outstanding shooter, but also a good person as well. I plan on using what he taught me, in addition to what I’ve learned along the way, to help you take your shot to the next level!

So, Get a writing utensil and a notebook. You need to be writing down every single little detail to this course!

What is Close The Gate?

Close the Gate is a basketball training business out of Janesville, WI. We consider ourselves as basketball AND life coaches! Our goal is to make you the best possible player AND person that you can be. We currently have a great reputation in the Madison area, but I believe it is now time to expand our horizons to the global audience! I am here to give you everything I wish I could’ve known 5 years ago as a player AND coach.

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