CTG Shooting Academy

The perfect blend of the knowledge, drills, and mentality necessary to become an elite shooter. Everything I could have ever wanted to become an elite shooter FASTER.



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Become An Elite Shooter FASTER

The perfect blend of the knowledge, the drills, and the mindset necessary to become an elite shooter in the most efficient way possible. This is EVERYTHING I could have ever wanted when I was striving to become an elite shooter years ago.


Your purchase comes with lifetime access to all course materials. Even when the course is updated… you don’t have to re-buy anything! Your investment is risk-free with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

What if You Could Gain the Shooting Ability of Your Idols?

Dear friend and fellow basketball player:

We live in a world where people work hard, but not as efficiently as they possibly can. You have to combine work ethic and the ability to work smarter.

My goal as a trainer is to make you as good as you can be, as fast as possible. BUT this also does not mean we can expect results immediately. You have to have the ability to trust the process.

We have the key to accelerating shot growth. This is what makes CTG’s shooting academy stand out from all the rest. The mindset.

Well, the problems are obvious:

  • Most people are focusing on the wrong concepts when it comes to shooting form.
  • Most people waste time on drills that don’t efficiently accelerate our shot growth.
  • Almost everyone spends the least amount of time focusing on their mentality. That is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Sure there’s other shooting programs out there…

But none of them blend the knowledge, drills, and mindset necessary to become an elite shooter in the most efficient way possible.

And That’s why I created the CTG Shooting Academy: Fix Your Shot Mentally & Physically.

It’s my job as a trainer to make you the best possible player you can be as fast as possible. This maximizes your amount of growth potential.

The Knowledge:

Being able to understand new and innovative terminology for shooting mechanics is CRUCIAL, not only for a coach/trainer, but for player, as well. If you can shoot on your own and realize when one of these concepts isn’t in the correct place, you have a HUGE advantage. Here, I will take you through the steps of how to shoot and how to process shooting form as you physically do it. All of these steps will still apply when you back up to take farther shots. Remember, build your base, then work your way up from there. If you go to shoot farther when your base isn’t ready, you will be left with a shot worse than when you began. Don’t let your house come falling down!

The Drills:

These drills will maximize your time by improving your shot as efficiently as possible. Again, changing a shot is a true PROCESS. You must trust the process and not expect results immediately. I would rather have you miss every shot with great form than make some shots with terrible form. Students sometimes forget whom they’re trying to improve. When I workout, I want to make future Jack better, not present Jack. This mindset helps me switch my focus to what’s going to help me MOST in the long haul. Elite shooters must adopt this mindset!

The Mindset:

The mentality or mindset of a player is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of becoming an elite shooter. It’s the difference between the good shooters and the GREAT basketball players. Bobby Knight nailed it when he stated, “Mental is to physical as four is to one.” He stressed that your mentality is four times as important as your physical attributes. You could be the most skilled and athletic player in the world, but if you can’t apply the skills I’ll be sharing with you to improve your mindset, it means nothing. Believe me… I speak from experience! A few years ago, I worked on my game non-stop. I would eat, sleep and breathe basketball. Unfortunately, all of that effort was lost because I forgot to work on my mindset. Once I unlocked my full potential of knowing HOW to think, WHEN to think and WHAT to think, my game improved exponentially.