what is CTG?

CTG Hoops is the #1 basketball training company in the state of Wisconsin according to Google.  CTG has a branch of 3 other subsidiaries along with a nonprofit. Click on the “CTG+” tab for access to any of these companies:

  • CTG Volleyball: Volleyball Training
  • CTG Mindset: Sports Psychology and Mental Training
  • CTG Nutrition: Sports Nutrition
  • Tony Huml Foundation: Mental Health Stigma

Close the Gate is a basketball coaching company currently training in Janesville, Wisconsin.

CTG Hoops purpose is stated within our mission statement, “Highly Skilled on the Court. Better People off the Court.” We understand that basketball ends for all of us one day. So our mission as a company, is for our students to know who they are without the basketball. It’s not about what we accomplish in life… but who we become through the process.

We design our training around three major principles:

1. Psychological Make Up (Mindset and Mental Training)
2. Physical Make Up (Basketball Skills and Basketball Athleticism)
3. Self Improvement Make Up (Life Coaching)

Ages have ranged from 4 years old, all the way to 21 years old. Students have traveled from up to 1-2 hours away from any of our locations to come train with us.Our podcast, “The Mental Training Revolution,” has over 25,000 downloads. Lastly, all of our social media pages have more than a combined 125,000 followers.

Are you ready to take your game and life to the next level?

SIDE NOTE: We are looking for hire! Click the link below if you are interested in changing others lives.

Looking for hire CTG Mindset Sports Psychology Tony Huml Foundation Mental Health Non Profit

Our Training

Fill Out Waitlist NOW

The 2024 basketball season is upon us. These spots are already planning to fill up fast. We want to use this waitlist to keep track of the order in which people want to train. First come first serve. Don’t procrastinate signing up for this list. If you are first, you will get priority.

If you are planning on doing In person training with us during this basketball winter season, sign up ASAP!

New Payment Options

Training Packs: Individual, small group, large group (CTG’s most recommended option), or team workouts.

Training packages are the way CTG has done since it was first founded. This is where you buy a “pack” of workouts, giving you the ability to use your sessions whenever you want. Once those workouts have been used up, you are given the option to buy more. 

Free New Member Workout

Don’t want to commit to a purchase without first test driving CTG? No problem!

fill out our waitlist - first come first serve Learn more about training in Janesville

Our Philosophy

CTG knows how crucial work ethic is to our program. Work ethic and consistency, are the number one indicators for any type of success. We also know how smart work can be just as valuable. We have to balance between these two extremes. Using both, smart work and hard work, to maximize the results of our students.

CTG has built a curriculum progressively. We believe in sequence. You can improve faster when working on certain skills/ movements in the correct order.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to look inside CTG’s brain. How we think, and how we train our athletes for crazy results. Everything we do has a purpose. We focus on the why, not the how. Every action we take must have intention. We don’t do things for no reason. Every detail has a purpose.

Variable Training

Variable training is a staple for CTG, it is what we are most known for creating. Variable training is the act of focusing on non-pre-planned movement. After we have built a fundamental base in any particular basketball skill, we focus on transitioning our students to more game-like training, which is non-pre-planned movement.

In a game, nothing is pre-planned. Everything we do is respond to our opponents’ movement. That is exactly why our basketball training should not be ONLY a pre-planned movement. However, this is what most of you are doing. When we train without defense, we are pre-planning each movement we make. When we train with defense, all our movements become instinctual, without thought. This will give our students better in game results.

Learn more about our curriculum

Download Our app

As of July 2nd, 2023, our app is officially free to all students of CTG. All we care about is influencing and improving lives. That’s it. Our CTG App is now officially in full swing, available to all Apple devices through the Apple app store. Our app definitely still works for devices that are not Apple and the app definitely still applies to students that are not currently participating in the in-person training. 

Our app is a requirement of any in person training with CTG. Our value goes far beyond just court time. Just like how our CTG Notebook enhances our students’ growth, the app will be the same exact concept. This is why CTG has a reputation in the first place: The quality of growth it can offer its students in all areas. Growth doesn’t come from showing up to training once or twice a week.

All Benefits of CTG’s App:

1. True value far beyond the one hour of court time. You’re now not just paying for per-hour service. You are paying for service available to you 24/7.

2. Over 100 resources of videos and lessons on how the child can train themselves better outside of training along with how the parent can as well.

3. All 4 current paid CTG programs are on the app for absolutely free. Over $200 in value. You will always have access to these.

4. Constant communication with coaches along with clip art feedback responses. Any skill videos can be sent to coaches with immediate feedback breakdown drawn on the videos submitted.

5. Access to form feedback responses allows you to have a direct influence in sculpting CTG’s in-person training, along with the app. Allowing you great power in your child’s experience with CTG.

Learn More About Our App Process Download Our App For Free


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