2023 Janesville 3v3 Camp Hold Your Spot

  1. New Referral Program
    -40$ off for every new member you bring in, however, if you bring in 5 new CTG members to camp, you get the ENTIRE camp off for FREE. Start making some calls! This certainly applies to even new members as well.
  2. New Curriculum - Chosen by YOU, the CTG families
    -Fill out the hold your spot form to vote on what CTG curriculum is taught this year during camp. No matter what you choose, students will be learning new concepts compared to what was taught last year.
  3. Our CTG App
    -Our app is a requirement of our camp. Integrating value far beyond the 2 hours of 3v3 when we see you each week.
    3v3 App integrations:
    -Parent's guide to 3v3 training: How to help your child's growth off the court from 3v3.
    -Student Performance program: A student plays well in their 3v3 game? They get a video breakdown of what to do next after this happens mentally. The same applies if the student plays subpar or if the student plays the worst game of their life. Learn how to handle different performances each day of camp through this program.
    -Take Home Workouts Program: video breakdown explanation and built workouts for kids to participate in outside of camp.
    -Along with ALL benefits of the app prior, not just for 3v3. Click this link to see all the additional benefits. An absurd amount of resources to improve your game outside of 3v3. CTG is here for you 24/7.
  4. 3v3 Donations Page
    -Families can now donate to a donations page for other families that can not afford 3v3 training. This is a benefit for those families looking to give, and those families looking to receive. It's totally up to you if you want to know what families are helping who!

CTG Hoops is the #1 basketball training company in the state of Wisconsin. Our 2022 3v3 Summer Camp had over 250 participants. With our growth rates, CTG could be looking at up to 350 kids this summer... which is why I am starting this hold-your-spot form SO early.

Each camp will last a duration of three weeks, with students meeting twice a week. Normally, boys are on Mondays and Wednesdays, and girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Generally, older kids are earlier in day, while younger kids are later in day. You will know specific times for your child once camp sign ups have closed. We have to wait for this to know times, because this is what allows us to see how many children are participating for what age groups. Camp sessions for each age group last one hour.

This year, you the families of CTG, get to vote on the 3 major subjects of skill work that we base our curriculum off this year. You can only do this by filling the waitlist out below. I want this years 3v3 camp to be sculpted by the ones who participate, not the ones that organize it.

The first half of each session will cover the skill focus of the camp, and the second half of the session will cover the 3v3 live gameplay aspect of the camp.

Prices will make an official release right away in April… You NEED to hold your spot before this! It is likely trying to buy the camp without holding your spot could result in NO participation.

The dates of the Camps are given Below:

Camp 1: June 12 – June 29
Camp 2: July 10 – July 27
Camp 3: August 7 – August 24

Location: St. Patrick's School - 305 Lincoln Street Janesville Wisconsin

Generally, older kids are earlier in the day, while younger kids are later in the day. Times will be determined once registrations are made and we have an estimate of how many kids we have in each grade.

Location: St. Patrick's School - 305 Lincoln Street Janesville Wisconsin

CTG Hoops is the #1 basketball training company in the state of Wisconsin according to Google.

Close the Gate is a basketball coaching company currently training in Janesville and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

CTGHoops purpose is stated within our mission statement, “Highly Skilled on the Court. Better People off the Court.” We understand that basketball ends for all of us one day. So our mission as a company is for our students to know WHO they are WITHOUT the basketball. It’s NOT about what we accomplish in life… but WHO we become through the process.

We design our training around three major principles:

1. Psychological Make Up (Mindset and Mental Training)
2. Physical Make Up (Basketball Skills and Basketball Athleticism)
3. Self Improvement Make Up (Life Coaching)

Close the Gate has trained over 500+ students within the last year. Ages have ranged from 4 years old, all the way to 21 years old. Students have traveled from up to an hour away from any of our locations to come train with us. CTG has over 200+ five-star google reviews. Our podcast, “Off The Court: Mindset and Mental Training Podcast,” has over 15,000 downloads. Lastly, all of our social media pages have more than a combined 125,000 followers. You can find these pages on any social media platform, @ctghoops.

Our goal is to make you the best possible player AND person that you can be. Excelling past any perceived limitations before joining us. CTGHoops wants to influence and impact as many lives as possible to make them all the best possible versions of themselves.

Are you ready to take your game and life to the next level?

Ages can range anywhere from K-12! Once registered, we would group kids into their separate ages.

Fill Out Our Hold Your Spot Form before it's too late


Over 200+ 5 Star 3v3 Summer Camp Reviews on Google



June 12 – 29

Subject: TBD (Voted by YOU)

Camp 2

July 10 – July 27

Subject: TBD (Voted by YOU)

Camp 3

August 7 –

August 24

Subject: TBD (Voted by YOU)

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