In Person Training La Crosse Wisconsin

Training Packs of 1, 4, or 6

Our App is a REQUIREMENT of In-Person Training. We have gone completely hybrid for maximum value and results for you, the students and parents. After purchasing the in-person training pack, you will be re-located directly to purchasing and logging into our app. Click button below to learn more about our hybrid training app process.

Our App/ Hybrid Training Process

(4 sessions)


$240 Per 4 Workouts

4 training sessions.

1 player in each workout.

1 hour per training session.

All Training includes a free CTG Basketball Training Notebook.

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Small Group
(6 sessions)


$270 Per 6 Workouts

6 training sessions.

2-4 players in each workout.

1 hour per training session.

All Training includes a free CTG Basketball Training Notebook.

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Large Group
(6 sessions)


$180 Per 6 Workouts

6 training sessions.

5-8 players in each workout.

1 hour per training session.

All Training includes a free CTG Basketball Training Notebook.

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(6 sessions)


10 Player Team = $1200 Per 6 Workouts

Pack of 6 sessions.

Around 10 players in each workout.

1 hour and 15 minutes per training session. 

All Training includes a free CTG Basketball Training Notebook.

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Free New Member Workout
(1 session)


1 free new member session.

Players in each workout depends on availability.

1 hour per training session.

All Training includes a free CTG Basketball Training Notebook.

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#1 basketball training Company in wisconsin

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The primary purpose of our all-new CTG App will revolve around enhancing the experience of in-person training for our students. We want parents to know how much value CTG actually offers. It goes FAR beyond the one hour a week spent on the court with our trainers.

This app will now be a requirement for any students currently participating in the in-person training. Similar to a Costco membership, you have to use the app to be eligible to train. We want players, parents, and families invested in their growth. We don't want students not willing to go all in. Instead of increasing the training prices with increasing demand, we are choosing a small monthly fee for app participation instead. This is what allows CTG to offer an app like this in the first place.

Fill out the form below so you don't get stuck on the waitlist and miss out on all the benefits of our all-new universal CTG app. Yes... all of our subsidiary companies will run through this app. Truly an all-in-one experience. 🙂

CTG Hoops is the #1 basketball training company in the state of Wisconsin according to Google.

Close the Gate is a basketball coaching company currently training in Janesville and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

CTGHoops purpose is stated within our mission statement, “Highly Skilled on the Court. Better People off the Court.” We understand that basketball ends for all of us one day. So our mission as a company, is for our students to know WHO they are WITHOUT the basketball. It’s NOT about what we accomplish in life… but WHO we become through the process.

We design our training around three major principles:

1. Psychological Make Up (Mindset and Mental Training)
2. Physical Make Up (Basketball Skills and Basketball Athleticism)
3. Self Improvement Make Up (Life Coaching)

Close the Gate has trained over 250+ students within the last year. Ages have ranged from 4 years old, all the way to 21 years old. Students have traveled from up to an hour away from any of our locations to come train with us. CTG has over 125+ five-star google reviews. Our podcast, “Off The Court: Mindset and Mental Training Podcast,” has over 7 thousand downloads. Lastly, all of our social media pages have more than a combined 110 thousand followers. You can find these pages on any social media platform, @ctghoops.

Our goal is to make you the best possible player AND person that you can be. Excelling past any perceived limitations before joining us. CTGHoops wants to influence and impact as many lives as possible to make them all the best possible versions of themselves.

Are you ready to take your game and life to the next level?

CTG is now officially training in multiple cities! We currently offer in-person training located in Janesville and La Crosse Wisconsin. This page and price offers are for training in the La Crosse Wisconsin area.


We have had students travel as far as an hour away to come train with us!

Indoor – 315 11th St S, La Crosse, WI 54601

Training packages are the CTG has done since it was first founded. This is where you buy a “pack” of workouts, giving you the ability to use your sessions whenever you want. Once those workouts have been used up, you are given the option to buy more. We have found this payment method to be the most effective for both parties because of its flexibility. It is totally okay to miss a week or two of training with packs. This allows you to be extremely flexible with schedules to get your son/daughter in for training. However, when we take on new CTG students, the expectation is to see the student on a fairly weekly basis. It is not helpful when your child consistently misses workouts, ESPECIALLY if they are in a group. The other kids in the group are dependent on you showing up for allowing, “Live,” basketball training to occur. It is very hard to improve without the consistency of showing up every week.

*Slight Change in Pack Set Up*

We have also made a slight change to our pack/ payment system. We have reduced individual training to 4 packs, leaving small group training, large group training, and team training as 6 packs.

The reason for this? Large group training is CTG’s number one recommended training option. This allows our trainers to make bigger impacts on multiple kids at the same time. It also allows for more variable training for the student. This means we are building more sports specific movement, which will enhance the results of the player IN GAMES. The kids will also build extremely well developed friendships with other students in large group training. The more individuals our trainers have, the harder it is for our trainers to find more hours to train all of the other kids that have been constantly waiting to get in for training.

Individuals are a great way to start with CTG to build a foundation. Then, we can transition into our most recommended options like large group training.

CTG has done its best to try and keep training affordable for every type of family.


The more players there are in a workout, the less expensive your training sessions are going to be. We strongly recommend this for all students and families as individuals are only really necessary for shot correction. Muscle memory change needs 100% focus. Individuals may also be a good idea if your child is at a considerably young age or just starting to try out basketball. Otherwise, going with groups is the best option for you.

Small Group

Small groups are a great option for CTG students looking to train with a couple of their best buddies. These are best for families and students that want to keep to their inner circle as tight as possible. Small groups are the best option to pre-plan your groups and try to have control of who your son/daughter is training with!

Large Group (CTG’s Best Option)

Large groups are the most affordable option for a reason. We believe this is the best option for almost any customer. It is the most affordable, and can be the most effective. Having large groups gives our trainers the opportunity for more live game training. Making decisions and reads are the most undervalued part of basketball training in today’s day and age. We don’t pre-plan movements in a game, so the majority of our training should NOT be pre-planned movements. Large groups also gives the opportunity for students to meet new friends their age and make new connection. It’s the best of both worlds! If there aren’t enough kids to make a large group, find some. Ask around, and take advantage of our 50$ refer a friend program.

Team Workouts

10 player training sessions are now an option through CTG. This makes it extremely affordable per player, roughly around 20$ per workout if it is a 10 man team. This cuts the price in HALF compared to normal training averages. These team workouts are also an extra 15 minutes longer than normal sessions at CTG, the best of both worlds.
Why not just run a camp?
CTG has run multiple multi-day camps in the past, and don’t hesitate to reach if you are interested in this option instead.
However, in terms of consistency and improving the players quickly over time, the team pack option would be better than camps because we could get them in the gym consistently this way. Camps are generally having more than 40 kids in the gym at the same time. Camps are for learning. Training sessions are for consistency and real improvement through your basketball program.

No Buddies to Sign Up With?

If you want your child to do group training, but don’t have enough buddies to sign them up with, this is totally okay!

For example:

If you sign your child up for a pack of 6 large group workouts for 180$, we would assign your child by age to a group where he/she can meet new friends! We strongly recommend this to make training more affordable.

Don’t want to commit to a purchase without first test driving CTG? No problem!

We know CTG will be everything and more for what you are looking for. For any new members that have never been to CTG before, can try one free workout. This can only be used once and for new members only. If you have been to CTG before, this does NOT apply to you.

CTG is now offering a refer-a-friend program. For every new CTG member that you bring in, you receive 50$! We are looking to grow the CTG family, we want your child’s friends and family to be apart of it.

For example:

If you sign your child up for small group sessions and want 3 of his friends to join him, you would be eligible to receive 150$! All you have to do is complete the refer-a-friend form to show proof of a new CTG member joining because of your referral.

Once payment has been received, Coach Jack will assign your child to a CTG Coach based upon age and gender. All CTG Coaches have been trained and certified to coach in the exact same way CTG has trained in the past. Our goal is to make your child the best player and person that they can be. Highly skilled players on the court, better people off the court. Our 85 five star reputation will live up to any of the CTG Coaches that your child trains with!

Coach Aaron is the head trainer in La Crosse for CTG. You can find more about him and his bio on the CTG Coaches tab on our website.

Once you sign up for training, Coach Aaron will send you a message to get a plan set up as soon as possible. This makes it easy to set up training times that work for both sides, and have anytime ready communication with your son/daughter’s trainer.

Let’s roll! Always contact with ANY questions. If finances are ever a significant problem preventing you from training with CTG… contact Coach Aaron separately and he’ll see what he can do. 🙂

Please note that you can not make workout cancellations on the same day of a planned workout. You must let the trainers know ahead of time if you are going to be missing one of your weekly workouts. If you make a same day cancellation, it will count as a workout.

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