Do you have a strong urge to help other people be better people? And to do this pertaining to a subject that strongly interests you? If so, keep reading!

CTG Integral or CTG Sports is an umbrella of companies. Integral refers to every company, sports refers obviously to the companies targeting athletes. These oversee 6 major companies at the moment: CTG Hoops (Basketball Training), Mindset (Sports Psychology), Growth (Life Coaching and Self Development), Nutrition (Sports Nutrition), and Movement (Sport Specific Athletic Training). Along with a nonprofit: The Tony Huml Foundation, where all proceeds go towards free therapy and education on mental health.
Right now CTG is searching for more help. We are looking for any young adult that aspires to change the world and be a part of something that makes everyone around them better people. Our sports umbrella of companies is only concerned with the people that are grown through sports, not the actual sport itself. It’s all about what we learn. It’s about the growth, the process. Not accomplishments or some sort of destination. If you fall under any of the possible criteria below, make sure you meet the above the most. We want fewer egos, and people that are truly compassionate for all human beings, not just the ones that have the same view as them.
We are looking for people that have interests and lots of knowledge pertaining to the subjects below. The majority of the people that work under me are young adults in their early 20s. Most are also studying for majors very similar to what these companies revolve around. A reminder: this company’s sole focus is helping people become better versions of themselves. Our primary goal is NOT money or scaling as fast as possible. However, you will be paid and the amount differs depending on what applies to you below. This is not some volunteer application. Finances are discussed after you let us know there is interest.
What we need more of:
  • Mental Trainers (CTG Mindset): Interested in psychology and how it can help athletes perform. Or normal people throughout their everyday lives.
  • Life Coaches (CTG Growth): Interested in self-development and helping others change their habits for a better version of themselves. This is CTG Growth and was created for us to target improvement other than just athletes.
  • Sports Nutritionists (CTG Nutrition): Interested in nutrition and how this information could help athletes.
  • Athletic Trainers (CTG Movement) – Interested in building athletes focused through science. The science of each specific sport. Focusing not just on muscle strength growth, but also on the durability of the athlete. The most athletic athletes are the ones who don’t get injured. With fewer injuries, comes less time off away from your sport, and more time to train.
  • Therapists/ Anyone in Mental Health Industry (Tony Huml Foundation): Interested in helping with raising more money for free therapy offered to children in need of it.
If any of this sounds of interest to you whatsoever, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out. The more people that want to help others… the better. 🙂
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